LAB IN A BOX - Create Your Own Bespoke Fragrance at Home

LAB IN A BOX - Create Your Own Bespoke Fragrance at Home


Have you ever wanted to create your own bespoke fragrance in the comfort of your own home? Well now you can with LAB IN A BOX from Monmouth Botanicals.


The set contains everything you need to blend your own 30ml fragrance.


Fifteen pre-diluted raw materials in glass vials

Work booklet with step by step instructions 

Glass pipette for measuring

Scent strips for smelling ingredients

Pegs for holding scent strips

30ml empty amber apothecary perfume bottle

Label for your bespoke fragrance

  • All pre-diluted vials of raw materials contain alcohol and are flammable, so keep away from fire and heat.


    The raw materials, perfumers alcohol and your final bespoke blend should not be swallowed and is for external use only. 


    Please note that whilst Lab In A Box contains perfumery ingredients with allergen potential, all pre-diluted raw materials fall within the IFRA (International Fragrance Association) recommended levels.




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